10 cool facts you didn’t know about sex


In the act

Sex is one of the most discussed topics on the internet today and even in everyday conversations. The very act brings two people closer than any activity ever will. Its a means by which couples create physical, emotional and even spiritual bonds. You probably think you are the king/queen in bed but here are 10 awesome facts about your favorite exercise you never knew¬† lol ūüėā

Cf1) Orgasms are good for your health.


¬†That ecstatic feeling you get during orgasms is way beyond just feelings, various ‘good’ chemicals like oxytocin, Endorphins and dehydoepiandrosterone DHEA are released. They make you feel happier, help you alleviate stress and relieve pain. A clinical neuropsychologist named David Weeks discovered that frequent orgasms make you look 10 times younger than your age. You better force your way to more orgasms.



Cf2) During sex, your body relates hormones that prevents you from peeing 

During orgasms, your body releases Antidiuretic hormone that makes it a little difficult for you to pee immediately after sex. I know you’ve been wondering why. I got you!


Cf3) Some foods can actually get you aroused .

Foods that stimulate your sexual appetite

There are a some foods you should never consume if you have a date around the corner and you don’t want to lose control. Chocolates, Ginger, Garlic, Avocado, Apples, Oysters, Maca, Chillies etc are some foods that contains chemicals such as anandamide (chocolates) that increases the level of Serotonin (feel-good¬† substance) in the brain. These foods are good for your health and your sexual life.


Cf4)  Its easier to reach orgasm when you feet are warm.

the warmer, the better

After extensive research, Dutch scientists from the University of Groningen concluded that women who kept their feet warm during sex had a 30% higher chance of reaching orgasm than women who did not. You can use you socks to keep your feet warm, please do not put your feet into a pot of hot coal because you want to get orgasms or you will burn your feet.





bigger is not always better

Cf5) Bigger is not always better.

This is good news for men with small devices. One study found out that many wives of husbands with large penises cheated because they associated these big penises with pain and discomfort. They therefore go for men with more manageable sizes of penises.




Cf6) Horny women were once thought to be mentally ill.


Life must have been pretty tough for women in the 19th century when symptoms of mental illness included intense sexual tension and excessive vaginal lubrication. Dr. George Taylor called the ‘sickness’¬† hysteria and recommended pelvic massage as a treatment. LOL!!! They couldn’t enjoy being horny in peace.



Cf7) Women are more likely to cheat during ovulation than any other time in their menstrual cycle

lady checking out another guy

During ovulation, there is an increase in the production and release of the female hormone Oestrogen which stabilizes the woman’s mood, improves memory, reduce stress, makes her sound and look sexier and above all else, increases her libido. The woman is therefore smarter and more attractive during this period hence more likely to cheat on her husband or boyfriend. This is¬† surely not the best time to neglect her.




Cf8)  Four popes died while having sex

I know the question in your mind right now and the answer to it is YES! Popes are not suppose to have sex but unfortunately these popes decided to taste the forbidden fruit and died in the process. Popes John VII, John XII and Leo VII were said to have died in the hands of the husbands of the women they had sex with while Pope Paul II died of a sudden heart attack during the act.Pope










Cf9)  Vibrators were intended for a totally different purpose

The first vibrator ever invented
The first vibrator ever made

This may sound really ridiculous but it’s true. Physicians in the middle ages ‘treated’ horny women (who at this time were thought to be sick with Hysteria) by physically massaging their genitals until they were cured of that episode. This process was tedious and it caused hand-fatigue for the physicians. Dr. Joseph M. Granville invented the first vibrator in the late 1800s which was able to achieve in 5 minutes, what manual labor couldn’t achieve in 60 minutes.




Cf10) Theoretically, there is enough sperm cells in one healthy man to impregnate all the women on the planet.

Sperm cells

A man releases 100 million sperm cells per ml of semen. There are 7 billion people in the world about half of which are women. A healthy man releases an average of 5ml of semen which equals 500 million sperm cells per ejaculation. Judging from this calculation, it takes about 7-8 ejaculations for one man  to impregnate all fertile women in the world based on the assumption each sperm cell will be artificially fused to the eggs of each woman.


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