Selfish people-6 most prominent traits you need to know


Some people are just super selfish. No matter how much they have, they never feel like they have enough to share. Give these people all the money in the world, they will still not share with their best friend let alone their worst enemies. Here are critical facts about selfish people you need to know.

CF1)  They always take but never give


This is the most prominent trait but it might be difficult for you to tell that someone is using you if you are naturally a cheerful giver and a contented person who hardly asks for help. If someone only asks for favors from you and never gives you back or makes excuses every time you ask for a favor, that person is selfish.

CF2)  They want you to listen to them but hardly listens to you.

Selfish people always want to have everything including your attention for themselves alone. During conversations, they hardly pay attention to hear you out but they get angry when you don’t listen to them. They always have their focus on them selves alone. A selfish person always wants to impose his views and ideas on you with little or no consideration of where you stand as far as the topic is concerned.


CF3) Their favorite words are ”I” and ”me” 

A person who uses those two words more often than normal is most likely very selfish. These two words reflects that they are thinking/worrying  about themselves alone and all they want is to fill their own mouths. A selfish person can make a statement without “I” or “me” in it.

CF4) They are super friendly

When you meet them for the first time, you find them to be very caring and loving. Do you expect someone who wants to suck you dry to act wicked initially? They act like angels just to get you to let lower your guards after which they begin their excavation of your treasures. Be careful when someone is just to good to be true.

CF5)  They don’t see anything wrong with using people

A selfish person will narrate to you the tales of how they pressured a friend or their spouse to do what he/she wants at the detriment of the victims. Selfish people can’t just figure out whats wrong with always having their way with people without any consideration for those concerned.

CF6) They criticize others behind their backs

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They love to be at the center of everything so they do all it takes to achieve and maintain this status. A selfish person says terrible things about people behind their backs often painting themselves as the angel at the same time.


Which character of selfish people do you detest the most? Please drop a comment below. Also see our post on 10 interesting facts you didn’t know about the feeling of love.

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