9 extremely dangerous creatures you should avoid at all cost- the 9th one will shock you.


CF1) Cone snail 

The cone snail is an extremely venomous creature found in warm and tropical seas worldwide but majorly in the Western indo-pacific regions. This snail injects its super-dangerous and  paralyzing neurotoxin into its prey using its harpoon-like tooth. The venom of the larger-fish eating species of the cone snail is potent enough to kill a human being. So don’t go picking beautiful shells in the Indo-pacific regions as you might be playing with the devil’s tail.



CF2) Black mamba

When you come face to face with snake this black.ugly, long and  poisonous, you know you are in for serious trouble. The Black mamba is the fastest land snake in the world and the second longest venomous snake in the world and the longest in Africa. It is found in the the Southern and Eastern Africa and closely associated with danger because of its toxic venom and high speed.


CF3) Cape buffalo

This ferocious monster is feared by African hunters because of their heftiness and aggressiveness. They have killed more big game hunters than many other animals on the African soil. These animal has very few predators which of course includes  king Lion and big Crocodiles. They are however very difficult to kill because they are capable of defending themselves effectively. If you sure you can’t kill this animal with your first shot, make sure you shoot from a distance or avoid it totally  because it is even more aggressive when injured and won’t hesitate to knock you off even with a broken back.


CF4)  Polar bear

They live in the arctic regions of the world. Researchers fear that due to accelerated melting of ice, these animals are rapidly losing their habitats and numbers. The polar bears are extremely dangerous animals not only because of their enormous size but also because they are very aggressive and curious. They are even more aggressive when hungry- they find humans  a viable prey when they are hungry. They can smell seals from a long distance  and they are very tactical hunters as they are the most carnivorous of all bears.


CF5) Tse-tse fly

The insect is found in Sub-saharan Africa. Its bite might not be as painful as the sting of a bee but the consequences of it can be life threatening.  Infected flies transmits to their victims, parasites that cause Sleeping sickness (Human African Trypanosomiasis) which can cause death if left untreated.

CF6) Stone fish

This mysterious fish is the worlds most venomous one. This fish is extremely dangerous to its predators and preys; it releases its venom when pressure is applied to its spine by the predator and its venom easily cause pain, heart failure and even death. The stone fish’s appearance easily matches the ocean floor which makes it easier to evade predators and catch its preys.It devours its preys in about 0.015 seconds as its a very swift predator.

CF7) Death stalker

Its a very dangerous specie of scorpions. Its venom contains a mixture of toxins that can be lethal to a little child-it kills the child by causing its lungs to be filled and obstructed by fluids (Pulmonary edema). Its sting causes excruciating pain but its venom can hardly cause any harm in a healthy adult human. It takes responsibility for 75% of scorpion related deaths in North Africa and the Middle east.

CF8) Saltwater crocodile

Its also called Estuarine or sea crocodile. It is the largest of all extant reptiles as its adult has an average length of 6.3m although the females are much smaller. Its also the specie of crocodiles that is most likely to attack humans. The estuarine crocodile prevails over other animals including sharks if attacked or threatened in its own territory. It kills its preys with its powerful jaw using a technique called the Death roll but sometimes it swallows smaller preys. In Australia, these monsters attacks two humans yearly inflicting them with often fatal injuries.

CF9) Humans 

They are called homo sapiens or higher animals and they are most likely the most dangerous creatures on earth. Human beings are not only dangerous to animals, they are also very dangerous to fellow humans. They have been killing one another for very dumb reasons since bible times and this killings have not stopped till date. In 2016 alone, 1930 murders occurred in California. Human beings deceive, imprison, torture and even kill fellow humans and animals. If you are an animal reading this, you need to run from every human you see as he is more intelligent and bloodthirsty than you will ever be.


Which of the animals do you fear the most? Please drop your comments below. Also see our post on the 10 weirdest places in the world.


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