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FIFA World cup facts to prepare you for Russia 2018


The FIFA world cup is the most anticipated football tournament in the world. It is watched by more than 50% of the world’s population. Waiting 4 years for another edition of this tournament is something most football fans find hard to do. The football tournament is laced with interesting events both on and off the football pitch that keeps football fans glued to their televisions. Here, I will be dishing out cool facts about the world cup that you never knew.


CF1) The first world cup was played 1930. Uruguay hosted and won the tournament that year

1930 FIFA nworld cup

CF2) The trophy awarded to the winners of the world cup in 1966 was stolen prior to the 1966 tournament but was later recovered.

The 1966 FIFA world cup trophy that was transiently stolen

CF3) A Russian player named Oleg Salenko holds the record for the most goal scored by one player in a world cup match-5goals

FIFA world cup-Oleg Salenko

CF4) Roger Miller from Cameroon is the oldest player to play in a world cup tournament. He was 42 when he played and scored during the 1994 world cup.

FIFA world cup-ROger miller

CF5) Miroslav Klose holds the record for the most goals scored in the world cup with 16 goals. De Lima Ronaldo follows very closely with 15 goals. 

FIFA world cup klose

CF6) In the history of the world cup, South Africa is the only host country who has been eliminated in the first round of the tournament  in 2010.

FIFA world cup south africa

CF7) Pele is the most successful football player in the FIFA world cup, he has won the tournament 3 times with Brazil.

FIFA World cup -Pele

CF8) Egypt was the first African country to appear in the world cup. They were only able to play one match against Hungary who knocked them out. 

FIFA world cup Egypt vs Hungary

CF9) The match between Austria and Switzerland which produced a total of 12 goals is the FIFA world cup match with the highest number of goals till date.\

FIFA world cup Austria vs Switzerland

CF10) No other goal keeper in the history of the FIFA world cup has been sent off the pitch besides Gianluca Pagliuca, the Italian goal keeper was shown a red card against Norway. In-spite of his absence, Italy still won 1-0

Gianluca FIFA world cup

CF11) The 2014 FIFA world cup was the first edition of the world cup to incorporate the Goal-line technology.

Goal line technology


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