3 Scientifically proven ways to improve your mood instantly


The importance of happiness cannot be overemphasized. Anxiety and depression are now too common in this fast paced world and so its easy for you to get overwhelmed by life challenges up to a point where you find it difficult to even fake a smile. Life is hard but the best you can do is to keep yourself happy. You can control the way you react when life hits you harder than you are prepared for. Use these 3 easy methods to improve your mood instantly.

CF1) Practice slow, steady and deep breathing.

Besides its benefit in improving memory, blood pressure and  boosting immunity, various studies have also shown that deep breathing affects the part of the brain that controls out emotions. This simple action reduces the activities of stress-inducing chemicals in the body while increasing the activity of chemicals that improves mood and foster tranquility.



CF2) Smile even if you have to fake it.

Nobody rejects anyone who smiles. Your own smile has the same effect on you as the smile you receive from someone else. Anyone can attest to the fact that receiving a smile as the first gift of the day blesses that day. Smiling stimulates neurons in your body to release chemicals such as endogenous opioids like endorphins, dynorphins and enkephalins  as well as feel good chemicals such as Serotonin. They work together to improve your mood. Fake that smile till it becomes real.


CF3) Place you thought really quickly on things you are grateful for- Practice gratitide

Gratitude is defined as a thankful appreciation for what you receive or have whether tangible or intangible. Gratitude helps you feel more positive emotions, deal with adversity and build better relationships. Research carried out by scholars in University of Miami showed that people who purposely maintained an attitude of thanksgiving (regardless of all the negativity around them) were far happier and more optimistic about their future than people who preferred to stay glued to their problems. Be thankful! There is always something to be grateful for.


Which one had the best effect on you? Please share with us by commenting below. Also read up our post on the most inspiring love quotes of all time.

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