10 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about love


Love is a beautiful thing. I can’t imagine how bland and boring  our journey on this earth will be without the ability to fall in love. The feeling of love is as old as man because even the first man fell in love with the first woman at the first sight of her- she was unbelievably beautiful. Here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about that unfathomable feeling of love.


Cf1) Monogamy exists throughout the animal kingdom. Foxes, Penguins, Lions, Ducks, Otters, Beavers etc  choose one sexual partner with whom they stick for life just like most humans do. If animals can remain faithful to one partner for  a lifetime, nothing stops humans from doing same.


Cf2)Cuddling and holding the hands of the one you love causes an increased release of certain chemicals in the body which serves as natural pain killers. These chemicals include endorphins, enkephalins, oxytocin etc. which relieves pain and associated anxiety and stress. Never stop cuddling, its good for your health. 


Cf3)  Heart breaks are actually real. Stressful situations such as a break-up or divorce can cause a temporary but sometimes life-threatening condition which doctors call Stress induced cardiomyopathy (Broken heart syndrome) which involves an actual feeling of pain originating from the heart muscle.


Cf4) Falling in love has the same effect as cocaine on the brain. Cocaine, like falling in love increases the levels of the chemical called Dopamine in the brain which causes a feeling of euphoria which is a false sense of well being that wears off as the quantity of Dopamine in the brain reduces. This is the reason why you need to be extra-careful with the choices you make when you are deeply in love as you might just find yourself neck deep in shit when you wake up from your sleep.


Cf5)Men prefer women with a skeletal framework similar to those of their mothers. This behavior has a scientific backing as scientists have referred to it as Sexual imprinting.


Cf6) Research has shown that the likelihood of two people falling in love is higher when they meet under dangerous circumstances than when they meet under mundane conditions. People who meet during a fire outbreak or an earthquake are more likely to fall in love due to the heightened emotional state during these periods.


Cf7)Frustration attraction occurs when a person who got dumped by his or her lover gets more intensely attracted to that same lover who dumped them. Usually,  the loved didn’t love the dumped as much as the dumped loved the loved. The feeling of being rejected and unwanted makes the dumped even more desperate for the attention of the loved. This love thing is so complicated!


Cf8)When you are in love, you are just as crazy as someone with Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)- an anxiety disorder. This is because the level of a substance called Serotonin in your brain when your in love is same as in someone with OCD. Serotonin is responsible for the intense infatuation you feel for someone that keeps you from thinking about anyone or anything else.


Cf9) You overlook a lot of bullshit when you are in love. You will  most likely turn blind eyes to potentially fatal flaws in your partner when your in love because your ability to rationally evaluate situations is impaired as a result of a flood of chemicals such as oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine  etc in your brain which gives you that false feeling that all is beautiful and rosy. Fall in love with at least 50% of your brain intact for your own good.


Cf10)Food actually tastes better when you are in love. Series of studies have been able to prove that various emotional states are linked to specific tastes but the thought of love and romance was proven to correlate with sweeter taste. No wonder its so much easier to eat the foods you hate when you are with your lover.


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