Penis-Crazy facts about it that you’ve never heard before


The penis is one of man’s most precious organs. Besides its role in urination, the penis houses several powerful muscles and spongy tissues with which a man satisfies his wife. It also possesses millions of super-sensitive nerve endings at its  tip that gives the man that pleasurable feeling during his favorite exercise. Here are some mind blowing crackedfacts about the ‘rod’:


CF1)  Some men suffer from an irrational panic anxiety called Koro due to an erroneous believe that their penises are shrinking or retracting or even disappearing. You better check your ‘tool’ now to be sure its still in your pant.  LOL! Penile shrinkage can actually occur due to fear or extremely cold temperatures but the penis never disappears.





CF2) All primates possess a penile bone called baculum  but man is the only one who has no bone in his penis.









CF3) There is a rare congenital abnormality called Diphalia in which a baby boy is born with two ‘trumpets’.






CF4) The blue whale has the biggest penis of all mammals with a penis that has an average length of about 12 inches





CF5) Handle your penis very carefully as it can get ‘broken’. When an extreme bending force is applied to an erect penis during sexual intercourse or vigorous masturbation, it is possible to rupture some tissues in the penis leading to Penile fracture.





CF6)  You probably had several boners while you were in the womb. Uterine ultrasound scans have shown that male fetuses get serious boners while in the womb. Its possible that female fetuses get aroused in the womb too but there is no way to prove this in females as they do not have obvious signs seen in the male counterpart.





CF7) A man named Jonah Falcon, an american actor has the biggest penis in the world which measures about 13.5 inches when it is erect. Another man named Roberto Cabrera from Mexico claims that he has a penis that spans about 18.9 inches but has been accused of cheating because he attached weights to his rod ever since he was a teenager in order to stretch it. Some doctors have also debunked his claims saying that his penis is just a regular one under an overstretched foreskin.




CF8) Healthy men get 3-5 boners per night especially during the Rapid Eye Movement sleep. One theory states that these boners serves to prevent the boys from bed-wetting as it is difficult to urinate while having a boner.




CF9)  There are two penis types in the world. There are some types called the Growers that are small when flaccid and becomes significantly bigger when erect while the remaining ones-Showers are big while flaccid but grows just a little when erect. Which one do you possess?






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