Top 7 beautiful places you must visit in Nigeria.


Nigeria,  a country located in West Africa and often referred to as the giant of Africa is blessed with hardworking and friendly people, mineral resources, fertile soil, diverse and rich vegetation of all kinds, animals and an amazing landscape. Nigeria is country filled with myriads of ethnic groups each having its own culture(s) and language(s) as well as other peculiarities. In this post, I will be revealing to you the top 7 beautiful places you must visit in the glorious country whether you are a tourist or a citizen of Nigeria. Get ready to get blown away.


CF1) Obudu mountain resort

It is formally known as Obudu cattle ranch located in Obudu plateau in Cross-river state, Nigeria. This resort center has grown to become a the most visited tourist destination in Nigeria. It has an attractive landscape and an ambience like no other, with clouds smiling down on its peaks and valleys. It offers visitors a good blend of warm and cold temperature as it has a very temperate weather. The best time to visit this lovely place is between February and October. The temperature is friendliest and the natural radiance of the ranch is at its peak during this period.

CF2) Ikogosi Warm Spring

It is located at Ikogosi, Ekiti State, Southwestern Nigeria. In this marvelous place, you will get a rare opportunity to see the point where two water bodies moving in opposite direction with different temperatures (cold and warm) meet each other without losing their individual thermal properties. The most mind blowing sight here is the one of two different species of trees sharing one root just beside the point where the two water bodies meet. The best time to visit Ikogosi is between February and April.

CF3) Mitsirga water falls 

It is located in Kaduna state, Middle belt, Nigeria. the water fall takes its source from springs originating from Kagoro hills right there in Kaduna state. The water flows 30m downwards into a gorge firmly supported by rocks. You need to visit this place to experience is breathtaking beauty. Trees around this area form shelters for various species of birds especially the parrot. There is a “semi-umbrella” formed by rocks around the waterbody fcreated by the waterfall that serves as a natural cover for tourists as they enjoy the sight of this beauty.

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CF4) Lekki conservation centre.

Its a natural resource conservation in Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria. It has the longest treetop walk in Africa. The canopy walk provides an easy way for visitors  to have a clear view of the vast wetland and its large number of trees and animals including crocodiles, various birds, monkeys etc. LCC makes you feel as though you are  This place can be visited all year round.

CF5) Idanre Hills.

It is located in Akure, Ondo state. This magnificent landscape makes you open your mouth in awe until saliva drips out inadvertently. It is a wonder. It is listed among UNESCO’s World heritage site because of its majestic appearance. You will have the privilege of interacting with the peaceful people of Idanre who will give you first hand information about the hill. You will also see the old primary school and court buildings as well as the court’s ancient prisons and above all else enjoy every bit of your time. Idanre hills is surely a place you must visit in your lifetime.

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CF6) Olumo Rock

The significant rock is held in high esteem by the Egba people of Abeokuta, Ogun state due to the critical role it played in protecting them from their enemies during the great inter-tribal war of the 19th century. The spectacular 137m tall rock will blow your mind. Its one of the most visited tourist sites in Nigeria not only because of its magnificence but because of the deeply emotional story of contribution to the history of the land and its people. There is  a lot to see on the way to the top of the rock including a 133 year old woman who lives on top of the rock.

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CF7) Tarkwa bay Beach.

This post will be incomplete if I do not mention the beautiful Tarkwa bay beach, an artificial island located in Lagos. Being an Island, it is only accessible by boat or water taxis. Its a blissful beach that provides a good location for friends and family to cool off. You will enjoy this beach better if you are a swimmer, diver or a boat rider. The best time to  visit  is during the dry season and if you want to enjoy a calm, noiseless environment free of any crowd, go on any of the weekdays.

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Which of this destinations will you love to visit? Share with us in the comment section. Also see our post on the Top 10 weirdest places in the world.

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