Top 10 weirdest places in the world that will leave you breathless.


CF1)  The Giant Causeway, Northern Ireland.

This crazy landscape in Northern Ireland is thought to be a result of a volcanic eruption that occurred 60 million years ago. The number of polygon columns present in this UNESCO’s world heritage site has been estimated to be 37000. There is also a local legend that giants were responsible for the creation of this breathtaking landscape.

CF2) The wave, Arizona.

It’s a fragile sandstone formation found in the US. The wavy formation is so fragile that only twenty  visitors are permitted to it each day. Photos of this place form my favorite collection of wallpapers for both my phone and laptop.

CF3) Pamukkale, Turkey.

This beautiful tourist destination was formed from carbonated minerals deposited by flowing water. Some people believe that this awesome pattern was  formed as a result of cotton deposits left over by giants in the area a long time ago.

CF4) Crooked forest, Poland.

This groove contains approximately 100 pine trees. It is believed that the people who planted it used certain unknown techniques and tools to make the tree look so uniquely shaped. Some speculated that they deformed the trees to create a naturally curved wood for their use while others believe that sandstorms were responsible. What could have caused this mystery? Get more insight here.

CF5) Great blue hole,Belize.

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Its about 300 meters wide and 125 meters deep.  The great blue hole is the largest natural formation of its kind. It contains giant stalactites, dripstone sheets and columns and scientists believe that this mind blowing hole was formed  in a dry cavern above sea level during the glacial periods. Its an interesting destination for recreational divers as they have a golden opportunity to interact with the wonderful structures and fish species within the hole.

CF6) Mendenhall Ice caves, Alaska.

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This natural marvel of mother earth is a once in a life time sight although it takes a long distance of  kayaking and ice climbing to get to this wonder. The interior of the cave is a natural exhibition of various shades of blue and beautiful patterns. This place is heaven on earth.

CF7) Glass beach, California.

The ocean made good use of the bottles and glass dumped into it over the years by modifying them into beautiful pebbles of various colors as can be seen in the picture of above. The beach became a tourist attraction but  its under huge threat from the tourists it seeks to serve as they take home pebbles from the beach.

CF8)  The catacombs, Paris.

This, in my opinion is the creepiest place on earth. I can’t believe the people of Paris thought that the best solution to overcrowding in their graveyards in the 18th and 19th century  was to remove the bones and use them to create a magnificent work of art in an underground tunnel which would later become a major tourist attraction.

CF9) Fly geyser, Nevada 

The fly geyser was created accidentally by a geothermal energy company who intended to drill a test well on Fly ranch in Nevada in a quest to discover sustainable source of geothermal energy. They sealed the well back because the water wasn’t hot enough for the purpose they had in mind but fortunately, the seal did not hold as the dissolved minerals started rising mound that never stops growing. The brilliant green and red color that gives it its unique look comes from algae that thrives in hot environments.

CF10) The Door to hell, Turkmenistan.

For everyone who intends to go to hell, I found a way in for you and its totally free. LOL!!! The Darvaza gas crater is a natural gas field that collapsed into a cavern. Geologists set it on fire to prevent the spread into the atmosphere, of methane gas which can displace oxygen and cause suffocation and eventually, death. The gas crater has been burning for the past 47 years.


Which of them was your favorite? Please drop a comment below. Also see our post on the mysteries of the human penis.

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