7 types of women you should never marry


Choosing a wife to marry is one decision every man would have to make at some point in his life. This decision is very critical as it would determine how far a man would go in life. The extent to which the journey of a man is affected by his wife cannot be overemphasized. It is therefore important for every man reading this post to avoid the following types of women like a plague because they will make life a living hell for you.


CF1) The bitter woman

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If you need some sweetness in your life, you need to steer clear of this kind of woman. She doesn’t find joy in anything in life. Shes unforgiving and holds on tightly to her hurtful past. There is nothing in the world you can do to change this woman. She’s been bitter all her life, she doesn’t remember how to be sweet anymore.

CF2) The spoilt girl

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There is nothing you can do to impress this one. Every of her needs has always been handed over to her on a platter of gold. She’s had no reason to work for anything, shes made no sacrifices for anyone and trust me man, she will never make any sacrifices for you. If you lose your job while married to this woman, you must expect the unexpected to happen because she sees no reason in the world why she shouldn’t have the best things in the world and she will at any cost

CF3) The rude woman

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She never had any respect for her parents and siblings, she will not have any for you too. If you understand how important a wife’s respect is to the self-esteem and ego of her husband, only then will you understand why its important for you to avoid a woman like this. You can go ahead and marry her  if you can deal with your wife calling your mother a fool.

CF4) The materialistic woman

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She loves clothes, jewelries, shoes,cars etc. This kind of woman will spend her last dime on the latest shoe in town. She expects you to shower her with all these things regularly because shes with you for the gains. If you go broke even if its during your honeymoon, this girl will vanish like a volatile oil. She doesn’t care about your dreams but she cares about the custom-made human hair she dreams about every night.

CF5) The insecure woman

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If you marry this kind of woman you have to prepare to always be with her every moment of the day. She’s got a self-esteem so low that she would even be jealous if you spend too much time with your long time buddies. There is no way on earth you can make this woman trust you. She’s lives in constant fear that you might leave her someday and she does everything she can to prevent this but she will frustrate you in the process.

CF6) The selfish woman

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A selfish woman cares only about herself. She wants the world to revolve around her all the time and because she only cares about herself and nobody else, she would not see any reason why you shouldn’t give up all your time, energy and resources to satisfy all her needs. Her selfishness  will adversely affect your finances, sexual life, dreams, aspirations and life.

CF7) The control freak

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Just imagine yourself- a fully grown man, having little or no say in your relationship. She picks the movies at the cinema, the school for your children to attend, the brand of electronics you use at home etc. without the slightest regard for your opinion. She thinks she is always right. Her attitude will drain your self-esteem and leave you to be a shadow of yourself.


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